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These are Don Ake’s public speaking topics.

Unusual Economic Indicators – And Some of the Standard Ones You Need to Watch

A humorous review of some of the unusual economic indicators, including the toilet paper index, men’s underwear sales and the “Hot Waitress Index”. Then a review of some of the standard economic indicators and their relevance to the current economic environment.

Qualifications: My work as an economist/analyst at FTR. My seven years as an economic blogger. My experience as a college economics instructor.

Bad Marketing Mistakes
A review of some of the worst marketing mistakes ever made and what lessons we can learn from them.

Qualifications: 30 years of marketing experience. My experience as a college marketing instructor. M.B.A. from the University of Akron in Marketing

Great Comeback Stories
A motivational talk using examples of people who suffered defeats and setbacks and then became winners.

Qualifications: Story-telling experience and ability. College teaching experience
Lessons From My Mother
Important life lessons I learned from my mother. Follow these lessons and your life will improve.

Qualifications: Story-telling experience and ability. College teaching experience
Humorous Stories From My Book “Just Make Me A Sammich”
Stories about many different things, intended to make the audience laugh.

Qualifications: Author of the book. Stand-up comedy, humorous speaking experience.

The Weird Job of a Sales Forecaster – How to Always Be Wrong
Recollections and observations from my many years incorrectly forecasting sales. Business lessons in taking responsibility and reducing inter-departmental conflict.
Qualifications: 34 years of business experience, including 22 years of sales forecasting.


Forecasting Is A Difficult Job!

Calendar Story (Encouragement For Job Seekers)

How My Parents Met

Always Be Polite

Rules From My Mother