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  • I Am Not Mr. Smarty Pants January 22, 2019
    Every humor writer/comic tells us about their colonoscopy. I strive to be original and fresh, so I promised you I would not write about mine. Uh, er, well some stuff happened that day that was uh, interesting. So this is the first, and hopefully the last, broken promise of 2019.When I get to medical facility […]
  • A Very Intimate Handshake – 2018 A Most Incompetent Year (Part 2) January 8, 2019
    My 2018 was filled with incompetent idiots, as I shared in Part 1. Here are some more people who made the year so special.Strangely enough there were two incompetent events involving the sum of $50 …..It’s Free, But it Costs $50 …I wanted to have a March book signing event at a relatively new restaurant […]
  • 2018: The Most Incompetent Year Ever December 26, 2018
    When the ball dropped for 2018, I had been collapsed in bed for hours after suffering excruciating body aches and high fever from my worst day with that horrible flu. And then the year got worse. Yes, really. A work email with some distressing news a couple days later. My dog dying, a couple weeks […]
  • Christmas Miracle In Indiana December 10, 2018
    Gather round children (you adult children), it’s time for another one of Uncle Don’s Christmastime stories to warm your heart.Last week, Uncle Don traveled to Indiana for an important company meeting. Early on the first morning, I headed for the hotel breakfast buffet, which is included in the price of the room. Because the company […]
  • I’ve Got A First Name, Actually Three November 20, 2018
    Recently during a work teleconference, we had a chuckle about a 68-year-old man named Billy. “He’s 68, and he’s still called Billy!” someone shouted out.(After the laughter died down)“Don, were you ever a Donnie? Does anybody ever call you that?” asked my boss.“Well, there are only a select few people who are permitted to”, I […]