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  • Christmas Miracle In Indiana December 10, 2018
    Gather round children (you adult children), it’s time for another one of Uncle Don’s Christmastime stories to warm your heart.Last week, Uncle Don traveled to Indiana for an important company meeting. Early on the first morning, I headed for the hotel breakfast buffet, which is included in the price of the room. Because the company […]
  • I’ve Got A First Name, Actually Three November 20, 2018
    Recently during a work teleconference, we had a chuckle about a 68-year-old man named Billy. “He’s 68, and he’s still called Billy!” someone shouted out.(After the laughter died down)“Don, were you ever a Donnie? Does anybody ever call you that?” asked my boss.“Well, there are only a select few people who are permitted to”, I […]
  • Who Are You? – Because I Really Want to Know (I Got A Name – Part 2) November 13, 2018
    Well, who are you? Who, Who, Who, Who? – ‘Cause I Really Wanna Know*  Summary of Part 1: I find out my dad was born illegitimate, but he dies without telling anyone who his father was. Soon after his death, my mother hands me an envelope that my grandmother had instructed her to give to me.In […]
  • I Got A Name – Actually Two October 30, 2018
    This post is about solving a nearly 100 year-old mystery that involves elicit sex.  Now that I have your attention, let’s begin!Like the pine trees lining the winding road, I got a name, I got a nameI have a confession to make – I’m not the man you think I am. Don’t worry, it’s not […]
  • Flunking A Huge Job Interview October 16, 2018
    Last week in Washington D.C. …..Senator Weedly: I will now bring this committee meeting on the nomination of Donald Ake to the new cabinet position of Controller of Donald-type Communications to order.  As you know Mr. Ake, tweets and statement emitting from certain Donalds have caused quite an uproar. This must be controlled. You have […]