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  • It’s Not Too Late To Get The Flu January 17, 2018
    I remember reading an article on the flu season beginning in Northeast Ohio. It was expected this year would be “bad”.  It listed the symptoms of the flu: high fevers, body aches, congestion, coughing, and fatigue. It said sufferers were converging on emergency medical facilities and it was expected there would be some deaths.This all […]
  • Cougars, Clusters and Bad Velcro – 2017 In Review (Part 2) January 3, 2018
    Some more funny topics that didn’t warrant a full post in 2017The Endorsement of the YearThe business networking site LinkedIn lets your connections (equivalent to Facebook friends) endorse you for various business skills.  They even send you an email when someone endorses you.  For example, 51 of my connections have endorsed me for “Marketing Strategy”.  […]
  • Sammiches, Chicken and Garbage – 2017 In Review (Part 1) December 26, 2017
    Every year there are things that are humorous but don’t merit an entire  blog post. So to clear the deck for 2018 and have some more chuckles in 2017, here are some leftovers!A Monumental EventMy fans have been waiting for this a long time, some women have even been demanded it from me.  Some said […]
  • The Story of the Christmas Goose – A Touching Tale December 11, 2017
    Disclaimer: This is a true story and I decided a year ago it would be my next Christmas blog.  It should not in any way be seen as a social commentary about more serious issues currently in the news.  However, if you are offended, please do not feel obligated to buy me a Christmas present […]
  • Middle-Age-Man-Rage Strikes Again November 28, 2017
    Recently a dispute between two men in their 50’s made the news.  This conflict involving next-door-neighbors in an upscale, gated community resulted in one of the men receiving six broken ribs, including three displaced (serious) fractures.  The reason for the fight is still unknown, but speculation is it may have been over grass clippings, or […]