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  • I Will Work to 5 p.m. July 23, 2019
    It’s a beautiful Friday morning. A spectacular view from my deckThe sun is radiant. The birds are sweetly singing. The flowers drenched in dew. But I will not be enjoying any of this amazing splendorFor I work from home and I’m due in my office soonAnd I am an extremely dedicated employee, so      […]
  • Poor Nathan – Poor, Poor Nathan July 7, 2019
    The scorching Florida sun was baking me like a potato. The heat index just hit triple digits; my bald head drenched with sweat. My long day on the beach was done.I longed for the cooling jet of the spray station and my air-conditioned hotel room. But it would be a most laborious journey back there. […]
  • An Unusual 10-Year Celebration June 26, 2019
    June 26, 2009 – One of the worst days of my entire life.The day before, I was deep in my comfort zone. I was sooooooooo comfortable – like sitting in a soft, easy chair with a bottomless bag of Doritos, comfortable. There was no need to try new stuff, meet new people or do anything […]
  • I Declare Shenanigans on TV Advertising June 10, 2019
    Shenanigans (def): Devious tricks used especially for underhanded purposes.Shenanigans In TV AdvertisingCase #1There’s a commercial with “financial experts” advising you to invest huge amounts of money in silver. They say the stuff is cheap and if it goes up to its all-time high you are going to make a boatload of cash. (Of course, it […]
  • We Are Tweeting Away Like 12-Year-Olds May 28, 2019
    My least favorite school years by far were the ones spent in junior high (that would be 7th and 8th grade, for those of you much older or younger).  Everyone was going through adolescence together, with all sorts of changes happening in our bodies and our brains. We were on the way to adulthood, seeking […]