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  • Going “Blog Dark” In Order To Finish Book Two July 11, 2017
    I have good news and bad news. The bad news is there will no new blog posts for a while in Ake’s Pains.  The good news is I am doing this so I can finish the manuscript for my second book “Will There Be Free Appetizers?”You might remember I tried to write shorter, rougher, posts […]
  • Sleeping Nude On A Business Trip – But Getting No Action June 26, 2017
    This trip is going real smooth so far, I thought, as a I relaxed on my short flight into Sevesta. (All city names were changed to protect the incompetent.) I know I should never think thoughts like these because it often foretells impending doom. I was traveling to a conference of trucking fleet executives to […]
  • They Are Never Going To Print This – The Making Of A Humor Writer (Part 2) June 11, 2017
    By far the most difficult task in my becoming a humor writer was learning how to write well. The humor part just comes naturally.  I may not have popped out of the womb holding a quill, but I may have had a smile on my face.  Laughter is firmly rooted in my DNA.  My father […]
  • I Done Got Played! - The Making of a Humor Writer (Part 1) May 29, 2017
    Skilled writers are made, not born.  Your DNA certainly provides some talent, but you do not exit the womb grasping a quill.  While what you write is a function of imagination, emotion and life experience, how you construct those thoughts is the result of teaching and learning.  Therefore, every one of your writing teachers had […]
  • Oh Kenmore High Forever – Not Really May 16, 2017
    I started writing humor my senior year of high school in a monthly column titled “Giving The Bird”. Yes, they actually let me call it that because the mascot at Kenmore High School in Akron, Ohio is the cardinal. Or should I say, was the cardinal, because the school will be closing soon.My friend Fred […]