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  • Stick This Right Up Your Asparagus May 15, 2019
    This week I noticed an article in the Food section of the newspaper trumpeting a new asparagus salad recipe. The first four paragraphs gushed about how great this recipe makes the asparagus taste!  My reaction: IF YOU GOTTA SELL IT, SELL IT THAT BADLY, IF YOU GOTTA WORK THAT HARD – THEN THE STUFF TASTES AWFUL, […]
  • Sometimes When We Touch – It’s Inappropriate! April 30, 2019
    Last time I provided rules for men on hugging females in non-sexual situations. Now it’s time to examine the much grayer area of non-sexual, versus sexual touch. This issue has been vigorously debated due to the enduring behavior of a newly-declared presidential candidate. However, this discussion IS NOT POLITICAL in nature. At the end of […]
  • Man-Rules For Hugging Women April 22, 2019
    If things weren’t confusing enough for guys these days, now men are getting confounded about what forms of physical contact with women are socially acceptable. This is a hot topic due to some past “handsy”, and somewhat creepy, behavior by a famous politician which is causing an uproar on traditional and social media.But don’t fear […]
  • True Confessions: I Once Was A Male Model April 2, 2019
    There is something I need to confess. I want to get this sordid event from my past out in the open before TMZ, Perez Hilton and others report on it and a scandal erupts. A scandal so salacious, it would knock my book off the New York Times Bestseller list.Okay (deep breath), here’s my confession: […]
  • Turkey Eyes Are Watching Me (Turkey Update – Part 2) March 19, 2019
    For almost two years the turkeys have confounded me with their craftiness. Turkeys are extremely intelligent creatures, so much so, that Ben Franklin favored them over the bald eagle to be our national bird.Over time, I realized the turkeys knew a lot about me. For example:-         They know I put food out every day.-         They […]