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  • What Happens In Niagara Falls Doesn’t Stay In Niagara Falls (The Story of Me - Part 3) October 16, 2019
    This is Part 3 of the story – for context, please read Parts 1 & 2.This was an unusual honeymoon. Betty and Gene had only known each other for three months, following a ten-day relationship. Their infatuation, not even sure you can call it love at this point, was still burning hot on their honeymoon […]
  • Ten Days That Changed Their Worlds (The story of me – Part 2) October 1, 2019
    If you haven’t read Part 1 – Ah, Look At All The Lonely People, you might want to read it first.Part 1 SummaryBetty and Gene are both thirty-five years of age. They are both single, never-married, but desperate to find love and start a family. They are very different people, but they find themselves in […]
  • Ah, Look At All The Lonely People (The Story of Me – Part 1) September 23, 2019
    The characters:BettyBetty was a high school secretary who spent most of her spare time, including every weekend, working at her parent’s grocery store. Her life was good, but she longed to be married and start a family. At age thirty-five in 1957, her biological clock was ticking loudly.  She was reasonably attractive, with a warm, […]
  • I Will Work to 5 p.m. July 23, 2019
    It’s a beautiful Friday morning. A spectacular view from my deckThe sun is radiant. The birds are sweetly singing. The flowers drenched in dew. But I will not be enjoying any of this amazing splendorFor I work from home and I’m due in my office soonAnd I am an extremely dedicated employee, so      […]
  • Poor Nathan – Poor, Poor Nathan July 7, 2019
    The scorching Florida sun was baking me like a potato. The heat index just hit triple digits; my bald head drenched with sweat. My long day on the beach was done.I longed for the cooling jet of the spray station and my air-conditioned hotel room. But it would be a most laborious journey back there. […]