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  • Flunking A Huge Job Interview October 16, 2018
    Last week in Washington D.C. …..Senator Weedly: I will now bring this committee meeting on the nomination of Donald Ake to the new cabinet position of Controller of Donald-type Communications to order.  As you know Mr. Ake, tweets and statement emitting from certain Donalds have caused quite an uproar. This must be controlled. You have […]
  • I Wish They All Could Be Vladivostok Girls October 2, 2018
    To quote some famous Presidents:Let me be perfectly clear: There was no collusion, there was no collusion with that Russian.Recently my company sponsored a “Casino Night” for a large gathering of our clients. At the end of the evening, people turned in their chips for raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes. Employees were […]
  • The Sordid Truth About Yoga September 18, 2018
    The yoga craze continues in the United States with new classes and groups popping up all over the place. Yoga began over 5,000 years ago in India. They don’t know exactly who invented it. However, although most of practicioners today are women, I am most certain it was originally developed by a man.This is because […]
  • Why This Guy Slapped A Hippo On The Butt September 2, 2018
    A disturbing article, which was so alarming it appeared recently in both of my local newspapers, reports that a man smacked a hippo on the @ss. I don’t mean he slapped a rotund woman on the backside.  Saying that would be wrong, insensitive, and fat shaming.  That’s not how I do things, and you should […]
  • I’ve Got The Cat Poop Fever August 5, 2018
    I know I’m supposed to be taking the summer off, but sometimes stuff happens that is too good to pass up. And in the spirit of Dave Barry – I am not making this up……Once again, a dreary summer has been brightened by a spectacular scientific breakthrough. Researchers at the University of Colorado have found […]