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  • Korean Peace May Happen Through Chicken Piece June 18, 2018
    As the U.S. begins to negotiate with North Korea about giving up their nukes, the big question is why Kim Jong Un is so eager to bargain now. Many people believe it is due to our policy of “maximum pressure” and show of military strength, but I don’t believe that. I think something wonderfully more […]
  • Bears Don’t Do This In The Woods June 3, 2018
    My wife had brought home something unusual from the grocery store. I stared at it winsomely, as I cradled it in my hands. But I was not prepared for the glorious joy I was about to experience.Ooooooh…….. Ahhhhhhhhh …….Mmmmmmmm…..Ya Ya Yakka Moo Moo!Oh baby, that feels oh so gooooooooooooooooood!Who knew 3-ply toilet paper felt this […]
  • The Royal Wedding Left Me Flat – A guy’s review May 20, 2018
    With all the buzz about the royal wedding I thought a review of the event by an average guy, for average guys, was needed.Full Confession #1I didn’t actually attend the event. I had hoped to score an invitation based on me being an author of two books. And in book one, I do defend Duchess […]
  • This Old Woman Kicked My Grass May 15, 2018
    I’m distressed about my lawn – because my lawn is distressed. It’s in the most terrible shape at springtime that I can ever remember.  Of course, with my fading memory, it has probably been worse, I just can’t remember.I don’t know why I am so concerned over the condition of my lawn.  It’s not as […]
  • I Have Checked Out Of The Memory Motel April 28, 2018
    At one time my memory was exceptional. I could even remember details of some conversations I had for years. This ability was very beneficial in both my personal and business relationships.But I still remember (ironic for the topic of this post) the day everything changed.  I was around 44 years-old and talking to a coworker […]