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Just Make Me A Sammich – Absurd Observations From A Wild Mind

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Don Ake has a warped, yet engaging, sense of humor that can bring a smile to the dourest face. He has been making people laugh through his writing for nearly 40 years. His “day job” consists of being a transportation industry expert at an economic research firm and he has taught marketing and economics at the college level. His students greatly appreciate his sense of humor, his bosses not as much. He has an MBA from The University of Akron (OH) and is a distinguished member of the Canton Writer’s Guild. He lives in Northeast Ohio with his wife and dog, very near to his hometown of Akron.

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8 reviews for Just Make Me A Sammich Book

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    Ake’s Pains – Just Make Me A Sammich is an entertaining, often hilarious collection of essays and stories by a most insightful and observant student of human behavior. Don Ake is a sharp and witty humorist. I thoroughly enjoy his writing.

    — Tim Stutler, Author of Hillari’s Head and Dead Hand Control

  2. :

    I have been a fan of Don Ake’s work for many years. He seems to have a real eye for the absurd. He knows only too well that nearly every day some new crazy fad (or person) will come along, needing to have the light of satirical scorn to shine down. Well, maybe not “shine” so much. Maybe “dump.” And maybe it’s not a light. Maybe it’s a dumpster fire.

    — Ron Graham, Author, Journalist and PhD

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    It’s Don Ake’s unique perspective on otherwise common occurrences that make his posts so memorable.  You simply cannot get through one without laughing until your eyes tear up, all the while shaking your head and saying, “Oh, Don…”

    — H.L. Gibson, Author, and Blogger extraordinaire

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    Just Make Me A Sammich is a compendium of ridiculous blogs that have been produced by a ridiculous man, Don Ake. The essays of one man’s skewed perspective on the world around him will keep you happily distracted from your own trials and travails. I highly recommend it.

    — Lori Behrendsen, Digital Marketing Master

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    Clint’s Bookshelf

    Just Make Me A Sammich
    Don Ake
    Wojelay Publishing

    Critique: Just Make Me A Sammich: Absurd Observations from a wild mind is irreverent, unfettered, eyebrow-raising, yet always funny. The stories (some of which were originally popular blog posts) range from author Don Ake being sexually harassed (well, technically) by a female co-worker, to supporting his beloved daughter’s decision to get married outside in the pouring rain even though he privately opposed the idea 100%, to a “pooh bear” analogy of the economic stimulus of 2009-2010, and much more. Don’t take the tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic-parody-of-a-sexist-cliché title too seriously or literally; Just Make Me A Sammich is a book that both men and women will find hilarious!

  6. :

    Just Make Me A Sammich: Absurd Observations From a Wild Mind is by Don Ake. Don has been writing humor columns and blogs since the age of 11. He does it to make other people smile or laugh in a time when the world is so serious and scary. With a large number of loyal followers, Don has compiled some of his most well received blogs and created this book. The title is a play on male-female relationships where men believe they are dominant and their female counterparts should be submissive, leading to the man’s demand of ‘Just make me a sammich!’ which, in turn, leads to the woman shouting her response of ‘Get off your butt and make your own sammich!’ What the woman fails to realize is that he only demands the sandwich in the first place because he loves and treasures her so much. Learn about the SHE rule, hanger pains, black market butts, the advantage of boxer briefs, and much, much more. 

    There really is no way to describe Don Ake’s literary masterpiece of laughs without my husband oddly watching me maw like a donkey followed by unladylike gasps for air and a few snorts in between. Just Make Me A Sammich is possibly the funniest book I have ever read. While it is true that some people will go out of their way to take offence at every politically incorrect word written in these pages, those who really do need a good laugh would benefit from reading the riotous wit which is cleverly presented so as (trying hard) not to offend. Men’s demands on women because they love us so much and women’s scathing responses because they want their men strong – I am still scratching my head as to why ‘sammiches’ determine one’s sexual attainment for the evening, and even considered hiding the bread from my husband while reading Don Ake’s words of wisdom. After reading Don Ake’s book, I can honestly say that dinner conversation at my house will never be the same again. I thoroughly enjoyed each chapter and recommend this book to mature readers who have pondered why women think you should be able to read their minds, while men insist that they are not male chauvinist pigs.

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    Have you ever wondered what makes women pushy and why men tolerate this behavior? Offended by the nomenclature of professional sports teams? In this delightfully entertaining read, columnist Don Ake shares passages from his popular blog that promise to amuse, infuriate, and often confuse the reader. Ake begins his blogging career with a seemingly innocent take on why women refuse to accommodate the male need for catering services, the immediate male need for sustenance. He grudgingly agrees that it is his responsibility to tend to the needs of his stomach, but in a typical male manner of selfish indulgence.

    In Just Make Me A Sammich: Absurd Observations from a Wild Mind, Dan Ake shares his often criticized blog entries that range from highly sensitive issues to political satire to male bonding arguments. A very human touch is added with his daughter’s wedding plans that not only tug at the heartstrings, but incorporate his attempt at humor during a rather serious event. 

    I admire Ake’s blatant honesty and appreciate that his language is appropriate for readers of all ages. While shedding light on serious matters of life’s everyday events, Don Ake finds humor in the common and age old issues that we face every day. Just Make Me A Sammich is a fresh look at the relationship between men, women, children, and neighbors. Ake shares his own personal experiences in a fun debate in this collection of blog posts.

  8. :

    Just Make Me A Sammich: Absurd Observations From a Wild Mind by Don Ake is insanely funny, completely absurd, and downright amazing. It is a collection of essays that you can read out loud to your friends and enjoy. The book contains a wonderful range of funny, humorous, witty and absurd essays. I have to say, some of them were downright crazy, especially the one titled “She’s Always A Woman To Me.” Also, I really liked the fact that I got to see a preview of the essay before I read it. It gave me a context and kept my interest. 

    “The Smoking Hot Exemption Rule” and, oh boy, the whole “Celebrities Absurdities” chapter had me smiling the whole time I was reading and I think I even laughed so loudly, my mother asked me if I was okay. That said, I think you will have no doubt about the power of Ake’s writing. He has the ability to bring up the toughest of topics and still keep you laughing and smiling through it. This is a lethal talent and he is using it to the best of his abilities and in all the right ways. I think I will be reading this book even years from now because it is that good. Ake’s wit, charm, and intelligence just make this book that much better than your average humorous novel or book. I loved the cover!

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